Need to Know

High Season (Mar-May)

  • Ideal temperatures in most of Iran.
  • Prices are highest and crowds biggest during No Ruz (21 March to 3 April), especially at Esfahan, Shiraz, Yazd, and the Persian Gulf coast.
  • Prices in hotels go up and availability goes down in April.


  • Warmer weather in June means fewer travelers.
  • September and especially October temperatures moderate; good for mountain trekking.
  • Prices slightly lower than March to May.

Low Season (Nov–Feb)

  • Extreme cold, especially in the northeast and west, but good for skiing.
  • Some mountain roads can be impassable.
  • Hotel prices are discounted by 10% to 50% and there are fewer crowds.

Arriving in Iran
Imam Khomeini International Airport Fixed price taxi into town: IR750,000, depending on vehicle type; ripoffs are unusual if you use the official taxi queue. Bus to Metro station: IR75,000, plus IR7000 for Metro ticket to the city center
Shiraz International Airport: Taxi into town: US$5
Turkish border at Bazargan: Taxi to Maku: US$10.
Onward bus to Tabriz: US$2