Happy Spring

Happy Nowruz!
March 20, 2021

Happy Spring


an overview to cherry gardens near a village in the Alborz, in full blossom. @babaktafreshi

Happy Nowruz
Happy Spring
Iran is a four-season country, it means while it is Spring and blossoming in some parts of the county you can find extreme coldness and maybe snow in other parts. All seasons have their own beauties and attractions.

Spring in Iran starts late March and lasts till the end of June. This is the time of Nowruz holidays and the rebirth of nature, therefore, it is the Iranian’s best season. Nowruz holidays, which is 15 days long, is a great time for traveling and enjoying the beauty of nature and pleasant weather.

A moonlit night of March 2010 in Alborz Mountains of Iran, not far from Tehran, with constellation Leo (a symbol of spring sky) and the Big Dipper (left) above almond blossoms. 📸 @babaktafreshi


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